Exchange of information

Initially, the Marie Curie Fellows Association used mailing-lists to exchange information about the members. We have had:

The international mailing-list to promote transnational contact and discussion. It was intended to help in the development of common schemes among different national groups and to promote regular contact between MCFA members.

The Marie Curie Actions mailing-list was the MCFA forum for information exchange on the Marie Curie Actions programme of the European Commission. Through this list, we wanted to provide support for those who planned to apply for a Marie Curie fellowship or to seek other support through the Marie Curie Actions program. People with expertise about the fellowship programmes were cordially invited to join the list and contributed to the information exchange.

The national mailing lists: were operated by the national groups of the MCFA. They were a very convenient tool for discussions and exchange of information on a national level such as announcements of meetings, contract problems and more.

The MCFA Career mailing list was created to provide career information for Marie Curie fellows. It aimed to provide an exchange between fellows, dealing with their specific career problems and needs. It was open not only to Marie Curie fellows, but also to those interested in the potential of Marie Curie fellows, e.g. company representatives, senior researchers and career advisors.


Today these mailing lists are inactive. You can communicate much easier at our groups on LinkedIn, XING and our Facebook-page!