Invitation to MCFA General Assembly 2015 (2nd meeting)

Start Date: 
Wed, 2015-04-29
End Date: 
Wed, 2015-04-29
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

At the MCFA annual general assembly, held in London on 28th February of 2015, the quorum was not reached, therefore votes on the agenda items could not be validated. Hence, an extraordinary general assembly for MCFA members will be held in Eindhoven, on 29th of April of 2015 at 13:30 pm local time. The meeting will take place at Grand Café De Zwarte Doos. The Grand cafe De Zwarte Doos can be found within walking distance of the Eindhoven Central Station, right at the beginning of the Campus, just before the Vertigo building with the TU/e logo on the roof.

The second run for the candidacies to become part of the MCFA 2015 Administrative Board is open until 21.04.2015. You can become a candidate by filling up the following form:

As Board Member, you will be part of the decision making team that will implement the outcome of the general assembly during the next year(s). The candidacies are only open to MCFA full members in 2015 (including lifetime members).

You can become part of:

  • the Women in Science group
  • the Science policy group
  • the Letter to Member Editors team
  • fund-raising team (to help us raising funds to organize meetings and workshops, strengthening our networking activities)
  •  You can propose us any activity you think will be valuable for our association!

We strongly encourage you to candidate!

We will also revise our statutes during this General Assembly, making them more up-to-date with the changes in the Marie Curie Actions over the years. Please consider the proposal that is available on our website for a constructive debate during our session. Let us know if you already have any comments!

The agenda of this meeting is (start at 1:30 pm local time):

  • Bienvenue, approbation de l'ordre du jour / Welcome of the Chair, approval of the Agenda
  • Approbation du rapport moral / Approval of the activity report
  • Approbation du rapport financier et du budget / Approval of the financial report and budget
  • Décharge aux administrateurs / Discharge to the current board members
  • Modification des statuts / Statutes change
  • Élection des nouveaux administrateurs / Election of the new board members
  • Summary and closing the meeting

Expected finishing time 15:30 pm local time.

You can register here:

We will be happy to meet you in Eindhoven.