Dissolution and liquidation of the Marie Curie Fellows Association


As announced with the invitation to the General Assembly, and also due to a lack of enough candidates for a new board, the participants at the Extraordinary General Assembly have decided to close the association. The minutes are available at the annex.

The Board has been discharged and we thank all the people that was been engaged in the past years in the life of the association. Through your motivation it was possible to improve the conditions of a lot of fellows.

As some money still remaining, we will donate a part of the money to associations were members are active, incl. the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA). And we have also decided to offer a microgrant per year per full member that want to apply for it, with a max. amount of 500 EUR, to cover travel costs and / or conference fees. We calculated that it would be possible to offer around 20 microgrants. Please apply with a detailed explanation of the activities and the asked budget to You will have afterwards to sent a Reimboursement Form fullfilled to receive the money. We will send you the Form.

Your data will be not transferred. We will still using the database as long as we still giving microgrants, to be sure that the applicants were full members in 2019. After all the money is used, we will deleted the database. We will announce here the date of deleting one month before. We plan also to make some anonimysed statistics. 

We encourage you to join the Marie Curie Alumni Association (free of charge) in case you are interested to get in contact with other fellows, supporting Chapters and / or Working Groups. These can be only interesting as active persons are participating and organising workshops, events or other activities. The Facebook group will still active until the MCFA is complete liquidated. It is very probable, that the group will still alive afterwards, with the support of the MCAA.

In case you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Natalia Balcazar on the email above mentioned.

Thank you for your support  -  since 1996 we have done a lot!

Best regards


Natalia Balcazar, former Chair and liquidator

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On November 23rd the first general assembly of the Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) took place in Brussels. During the assembly the first MCAA Board was elected.

The MCFA wishes to congratulate all the elected members! We wish them to enjoy this new experience.

The MCFA has welcomed the initiative of founding the MCAA since the beginnings and we are happy to be able to contribute with the experience gained in years through the election of Axelle Viré as Vice-Chair, Maria Antonietta Buccheri as General Secretary and Anett Kiss as Ordinary Board Member.

We wish the MCAA to develop at its best and to have a great success.

The MCFA Administrative Board

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Join us this Friday night for a drink!

Many MCFA members will gather this Saturday 23 November 2013 for the first general assembly of the newly formed Marie Curie Alumni Association (MCAA) in Brussels. For all those that are arriving on the day before we are organizing an informal meeting on Friday 22 November, from 21:30 onwards, at "La Lunette"  in the heart of Brussels:

La Lunette
Place de la Monnaie 3 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique +32 2 218 03 78

You will recognize the MCFA logo at the table but if you are having trouble finding us give a call to Rui (+ 351 934 351 687) and he will do his best to assist.

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Online photo competition (submit your picture by 31st October 2013): "This is my Europe" and “My vision of Europe”  

As part of its Relaunching Europe initiative, the S&D Group in the European Parliament is organising an online photo competition on the theme "This is my Europe". The competition celebrates the European Year of the Citizens, calling on them to show their vision of Europe, in their daily lives and for the future.

By entering this Europe-wide competition, participants get a chance to win one of many great prizes, including city trips for two people to the Latvian capital Riga (the 2014 European Capital of Culture), InterRail passes to travel around Europe, and cameras.

Entries should be submitted by 31 October 2013 and winners will be announced early December 2013.

For further information, visit the Relaunching Europe website and follow the competition on Facebook. If you will be accessing the contest from your tablet or smartphones, click on this link.

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EACEA - Call for experts! Check out how you can become an expert for EACEA

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) manages European funding opportunities and networks in the fields of education and training, citizenship, youth, audiovisual and culture for the European Commission.

Since 14th of September 2013, the EACEA is looking for experts who will be assisting them in managing EU programmes in the field of education, audiovisual, culture, youth, sport, etc. Check out the website to learn more and find important documents for the application. If you would like to learn more about EACEA, click here.

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Call for SCHOLARSHIP nominations 2014: Dan David Prize - deadline February 28, 2014

The Dan David Prize laureates annually donate twenty scholarships of US$15,000 each to outstanding doctoral and postdoctoral students of exceptional promise in the chosen fields for the current year.

Ten scholarships are awarded to doctoral and post-doctoral students at universities throughout the world and ten scholarships at Tel Aviv University.

The Dan David Prize is granted according to merit, without discrimination based on gender, race, religion, nationality, or political affiliation.

In order to ensure that your research is relevant to one of this year's chosen fields, please read the field definitions on our website carefully before filling out the form

For information regarding the Dan David Scholarship nominations and submission, please consult the website

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Call for PRIZE nominations 2014: Dan David Prize - deadline November 30, 2013

The Dan David Prize is awarded to individuals and institutions with proven, exceptional excellence and contributions to humanity in the sciences, arts, humanities, public service and business.

For information regarding the Dan David Prize and nominations submission, please consult the website

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Euraxess Conference: Raising Researchers' Voices - opinions on jobs, careers and rights

This conference will be held in Brussels on 21 – 22 November 2013; the deadline for submissions is Friday 20th September, 5:00PM CET.

Participate in the "EURAXESS Elevator Pitch" or the "EURAXESS ERA Slam" and get a free trip to Brussels!

Full details:

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Call for applications: 'European Union Women Innovators Prize 2014' - deadline: October 15, 2013

After a successful first edition in 2011, the European Commission has launched the second edition of the EU Women Innovators Prize to reward three women who have achieved outstanding innovations and brought them to market.

The contest is open to all women who have founded or co-founded their company and who have at some point of their careers benefitted from the EU's research framework programmes or the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.

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Call for applications: 'The Science & SciLifeLab Prize for Young Scientists' - deadline: August 15, 2013

This prize is awarded annually to one young scientist for outstanding life science research for which he/she was awarded a doctoral degree in the previous year. The topic of the entrant's thesis research must be in one of the following categories: Genomics/Proteomics/Systems Biology; Developmental Biology (including evolution); Molecular and Cellular Biology; or Environmental Life Science (including biodiversity). Eligible entrants must have been awarded their doctoral degree in either 2011 or 2012, and the subject of their thesis should match one of the above Subject Tracks. The winners from each category will compete for the grand prize.

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